The Pokhara Valley, a land of spectacular beauty crowned by the majestic Himalayas, conjures visions of calm but vibrant green hills. Loaded with luxuriant vegetation and dotted with shimmering lakes, the valley offers awesome vistas. Magnificent image of Mount Machhapuchhare reflected in the clear waters of the Lake Phewa leaves everyone spellbound. One of the Nepal’s adventure hubs, it has reputation of being the second home for the tourists worldwide.

Pokhara is situated at an altitude of 730 meters to 1030 meters. Its rich topographical conditions are responsible for the profusion of flora and fauna. The geographical location has made Pokhara one of the biggest valleys in Nepal. The valley is encircled by lush green hills ranging in height from 1077 meters in the South East of 2738 meters in the North East. Snow clad mountains add a special radiance to the valley. They also form snow-fed rivers that run through the heart of the valley. The geographical studies reveal that centuries ago a glacier was formed in the valley. As the time passed, the temperatures steadily increased and the solid ice

melted and formed a river that began flowing, cutting into the soil of Pokhara. The regular flow of glacial waters created several underground tunnels. Currently, most of these tunnels are dry and are found in the form of caves.

Pokhara is also famous for Educational hub for many districts in Province 4, Nepal. There are number of government funded universities/campuses, and private colleges for a wide range of courses. Pokhara Global Education Centre Pvt. Ltd. is a sister organisation and a global partner of University Admissions Networks, which is located in Buddha Chowk Pokhara.